After a long three years my latest single “The day after fools day” from my upcoming 5th disc “The puppet is a fool” Featuring Detroit’s own Phil “utility guy” Kelly on keys.

Look for it in iTunes for the perfect Christmas gift......


Greg Utech

A very unique blend of jazz and fusion.

Featuring Detroit's best artists, and artists from around the world.

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Concrete Jungles

Greg Utech

Jazz/Fusion. Some songs are dancable and others are quite tranquil.

Greg Utech’s third compact disc, entitled CONCRETE JUNGLES, has brought together a number of artists with strong Detroit roots. Over two years in the making, this is Utech’s most ambitious and comprehensive work to date.

Still encompassing his trademark of unique sounds from untraditional sources – such as short wave radio, audio travelogues and sound-snippet archives – Utech further incorporates a variety of conventional musical instruments as compared to his previous discs. The result will appeal to jazz, techno, electronica and new music fans around the world.

The title track, “CONCRETE JUNGLES” is a jazz lover’s delight, led by Chris Branch’s fluid saxophone performance. The haunting “FEVER” also includes Branch, and highlights the vocal talent of Detroit’s staple and award-winning jazz singer, Sheila Landis. “LE FABRICANT” features classical guitar from the album’s co-producer and prolific live performer, Rick Matle. And the work of Phil Kelly, one of Michigan’s most renowned keyboard players, on “THE CROSSING,” especially the melodica line, creates a moody sound that is rich and smooth.

CONCRETE JUNGLES is a full and nicely varied work. There is nothing predictable – each piece stands strongly on its own. Recording artist and Grammy winning producer, Joe Henry, said of Utech’s work, “I’m a sucker for that sonic palate … I’m entertained.” CONCRETE JUNGLES is the third disc on Greg’s own label, SOUNDBITE RECORDS.

Tracks were recorded at SOLAR STUDIOS in Rochester, Michigan and mastered at ROSEVIEW STUDIOS by Rick Matle.

Contact information and downloads are available at

Greg would like to salute some of his favorite artists and lifelong influences, including Donald Fagen, Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchel, John Coltrane, Miles Davis and all who live and breathe the language of music.

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Greg Utech

Jazz with a techno flair

Shortwave came by accident, I was given a short wave radio from a trash pile and plugged it in and it worked. The rest is history!. I sampled some odd voices and moods to create the background for most of the tracks. Featuring: Phil Kelly, Keyboards, microcassett Rick Matle, Guitar, Bass Jerry Laster, Upright Bass

Greg Utech - Drums and other oddities... Recent accolades:

2006 "Top Ten" list WDET fm in Detroit. 2007 "Semi finalist" UK Songwriting Contest. 2007 Acid Jazz Magazine Interview. 2007 Compilation Disc Acid Jazz Magazine. 2006 "Featured Artist" New Orleins Radio. 2007 Over 15 "Forwards" to TAXI Clientele.

I have been a musician for over 25 years in the Detroit area. Mostly on drums, but I can "mingle" with most any instrument. I have released three discs to date and I appeared on Rick Matle's CD "Ears Wide Shut." I just released my third disc, "Concrete Jungles."

I started playing drums almost 30 years ago, and saxophone almost 40 years. Music has been a large part of my life for as long as I can remember. Phil Kelly has always been my mentor. We met shortly after high school and started to play in bands together. "Providence" was the first band. (The full name was "Newlywed Providence Blowtorch Aliens and the names went downhill from there.)

The most memorable musical experience I have had was when Ralph Valdez, a DJ from WDET in Detroit, called and said he loved my disc and would play it on his next show. We had a party that night and it felt as though a dream had come true. My music has also been aired on the Jon Moshier program, and "The Listening Room" with host Chris Felcyn. As well as KAOS fm in Olympia Wa, Tomorrow Jazz, aTTeNTIoN sPaN raDIO,, And reached the feature page on New Orleans

I worked in professional theater for 18 years at Meadow Brook Theater at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. From set design to writing the score for the 1993 production of Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde.

Today, I play weekly in a jazz trio, and spend a lot of time recording. I'm currently reacquainting myself with the tenor sax as well.

My favorite activities include painting large abstracts in acrylic ( over 30 shows to date including, Meadowbrook art Gallery, The Edsel Ford Grounds, Paint Creek center for the arts, Inn Seasons Cafe, to name a few ) I also have a full time "day job," a beautiful wife, and an awesome black Lab named Casey. That leaves little time for television, thank God!!!

SOUNDBITE CLIENT PROJECTS: Audi of America CD-ROM Short film festival score Saturn Ion training video

"Concrete Jungles" reaches Top Ten list for 2006 on WDET fm in Detroit. Go to the "Cool Links" page for more info.

Joe Henry on Greg's 3rd disc "Concrete Jungles"

"'Jungles' is a wild ride...bent grooves and beautifully fractured melodies just waiting for someone to build a movie around them." -joe henry

Though Joe Henry has recently been busier as a producer (for the Grammy-winning Solomon Burke, a well-received collaboration between Elvis Costello and Allen Toussaint, and Henry's own collaboration with Loudon Wainwright III), his first recording of his own material in four years reminds that he has few peers among contemporary singer-songwriters.

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Greg Utech

jazz with a techno flair

Short wave has been around for a long time. But, Detroit-area songwriter, Greg Utech, has given the radio communication term a new meaning. Utech’s compact disc entitled Spank has meshed artistry and technology to bring forth a musical offering that’s both impressive and innovative.

Stepping away from typical production, Utech uses a fluent mixture of unique sounds from untraditional sources such as short wave radio, audio travelogues and sound-snippet archives blended with electronics and conventional musical instruments. Jazz and techno fans alike will want this CD in their collection.

The title track, “Spank” is a jazz lover’s delight with Walt Szymanski’s wailing trumpet backed by a funky beat. “Mark’s Boat Trip” takes you on your own journey with its driving foundation and Sheila Landis’ haunting vocals. And “Bushmonkey” is a sobering commentary on the chaos of our world. Spank is a music and sound experiment that evokes a wide array of human emotions. Recording artist Joe Henry said of Utech’s work, “I’m a sucker for that sonic palate...I’m entertained.”


Greg Utech – drums, percussion, keyboard, piano, autoharp, strings, trumpet, penny whistle, shortwave

Rick Matle – guitar, bass, percussion, shortwave

Phil Kelly – piano, Wurlitzer, Rhodes, strings, percussion, microcassette

Mark Rutkowski – voice/Bali field recordings

Walt Szymanski – trumpet (“Spank”)

Sheila Landis – vocals (“Mark’s Boat Trip”)

John Palen – alto sax (“Return of the Bobs”)

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