About the Band

Greg Utech

Greg Utech - Drums, Saxephone,keyboards

"Concrete Jungles" Voted to "Top Ten" List on WDET fm in Detroit for 2006 by Ralph Valdez!!!.
Short wave has been around for a long time. But, Detroit-area songwriter, Greg Utech, has given the radio communication term a new meaning. Utech’s work meshes artistry and technology to bring forth a musical offering that’s both impressive and innovative.  

Stepping away from typical production, Utech uses a fluent mixture of unique sounds from untraditional sources such as short wave radio, audio travelogues and sound-snippet archives blended with electronics and conventional musical instruments.

Greg's second album, "Spank" features Walt Szymanski’s wailing trumpet on the title track, backed by a funky beat. Spank is a music and sound experiment that evokes a wide array of human emotions. Recording artist Joe Henry said of Utech’s work, “I’m a sucker for that sonic palate … I’m entertained.”

Greg's music has been embraced by WDET-FM Detroit Public Radio. www.gregutech.com